LifeMap - Building A Future When You're Lost In the present

What is LifeMap All About?

Kyle Gillette's new book will help you find direction in life with three simple questions.
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Kyle Gillette’s book: LifeMap – Building a Future When You’re Lost In The Present, is designed to help you find answers. Take action. And change your life’s direction. Click for 1-minute video.

Where am i?

In life, all of us want to move from “here” to “there.” But moving from “here” to “there” can be difficult when you don’t know where “here” is. By answering, Where Am I? you now have a “here” to build off.

Where do i want to go?

With your foundation set, now you get to dream! By answering the question, Where Do I Want To Go? This simple question brings direction to the foundation you just set.

How Do I get there?

The final phase is answering, How Do I Get There? Here is where you make your dreams a reality. Setting goals and taking action to move you from where you are in life to where you want to be!

Transform your life

LifeMap Helps You Achieve Your Preferred Future

LifeMap – Building a Future When You’re Lost In The Present, is designed to help you change your life. To help you find answers. Take action. And change your life’s direction. Your life can be different. Your life will be different. This book will help you to transform your life planning by answering key questions, finding accountability, and taking actions that will make changes that matter. Your best future requires outside help, direction, and accountability. Building a LifeMap will give you a new and effective way to plan your life. With the help of the book, I will serve as your guide and coach to help you follow the LifeMap planning cycle. You can start by taking the assessment below.

  • Work and Finances

    What do your finances look like?

  • Health and Education

    How are you taking care of your mind and body?

  • Spiritual Life

    What does your spiritual life look like?

  • Relationships

    How are you doing in your relationships?

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LifeMap Blog

Great articles and information on the critical areas of life.


How has building a LifeMap changed your life?
Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells
Before I was introduced to the LifeMap concept, my efforts really were a bit unfocused. Sure, I had goals, hopes, and dreams, but I just sort of stumbled along chalking most things up to chance and hoped for the best.
Joshua Hensley
Joshua Hensley
I know that without any clear plan on where you want to go in life, everything seems impossible and chaotic. With the help of a LifeMap and the mentorship of Kyle [it] has truly changed my life for the better!
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez
The framework provided by the LifeMap has been invaluable. It has taught me how to approach life’s decisions and challenges while equipping me on how to advise others when facing crossroads in their lives.
Rory Donovan
Rory Donovan
The LifeMap has helped me because it gave me an organized approach to identifying who I am so that I may better understand where I want to go.