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3 Simple Ideas for Goal Setting the First One is Old School


Last year I laid out several goals to accomplish and found amazing power in these 3 simple ways to help me accomplish my goals. When this year is over I will be able to say I accomplished 5 of my 6 major goals! I’m excited to see what will happen next year. How about you?

With the new year approaching, do you look forward to the next year and begin to set goals? I’ve found the problem for many people is they don’t write out their goals or even follow through to accomplish their goals. Try one or all of these ideas to make the change and accomplish your goals next year.

3 Simple Ideas to Accomplish your 2016 Goals

  • Write out 3-5 goals on a 3×5 card. On the front side write your goal and on the back write your immediate next step that you will take today. Now tack your 3×5 cards up on a wall, cork board, or fridge, wherever you will consistently see them. Every time you look at the card either write a next step to take (so you can do it later) or take your next step.
  • Jerry Seinfeld talks about writing a joke a day to help him continue to create good content. I’m sure every joke he writes isn’t funny, but doing this daily will ultimately create great content. What can you do daily to accomplish your goals? I try to write and journal daily, even if the content won’t be published for the public to see, I am getting practice and getting better in the process.
  • Partner with someone or multiple people to accomplish your goals. When we bring other people into our goals it creates a higher level of accountability and a higher rate of success.

No matter how you tackle your goals you must keep them in front of you daily. Find a way to do this that works for you: use a calendar (digital or analog), put your goals on the bathroom mirror, use a todo application, or tape it to your steering wheel! Whatever it takes to keep your goals visible and in front of you to remind you to work on them.  In every case, do something related to your goal(s) daily and don’t stop…

Don’t Stop

There are two more ideas I would like to add. First is get started and the second is don’t stop. A few days ago I wrote a blog on getting started in there you will find great ideas to help you start and keep going.

With the new year approaching one of the best ways to get started is to check out our assessment tool, this tool will help you know which areas you need to work on most in your life. Once you’ve completed the assessment you can get started on your LifeMap.

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