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6 Refreshing and Energizing Life Hacks You Can Do Now

Once upon a time a young mother woke up refreshed and energized for the day ahead. Hearing her children laughing and playing in their room, she jumped out of bed to check on the fun. Upon entering the room, she discovers their beds are made and they are fully dressed for school. The young mother glances over to the pink princess alarm clock on the bedside table and notices she still has an hour to get ready for work and get the girls off to school.

Back in reality, a young mother wakes up late to get ready for work. Hearing an eerie silence in the house, she groggily wanders to the kids’ room and notices the oldest is still asleep! After quickly waking up her oldest she hear’s a crash and knows spilled cereal is now all over the kitchen floor. Looking over to the empty coffee pot, she realizes she forgot to program it the night before. So she kneels to clean up the Cheerios and as she stands up she notices that the clock on the microwave shows she has 30-minutes to get herself and the kids ready for school…

Unfortunately, the second story is a lot more accurate for many of us. I know it is for my family. Since we don’t live in “once upon a time…” try these 6 energizing hacks to stay refreshed throughout the day.

Stay Away From Your Phone in the Morning.

Too many times the phone is the first thing I look at in the morning. How about you? Admit it. Try starting your day by staying away from the phone, at least for the first ten minutes. And stop using your phone in the bathroom! When we wake up and immediately look at Facebook or some other social network, we instantly lose track of time and get behind according to research done by Business Insider.

Enjoy the Solitude of Your Car

Once you are alone in the car, turn off the radio and sit in the white noise of your morning commute. Enjoy the solitude and silence. According to Psychology Today, “Meaningful alone time, it turns out, is a powerful need and a necessary tonic in today’s rapid-fire world.” In a counterintuitive way, this calm before the storm of the day is very energizing.

Don’t Text and Eatoffice-336368_640

Eat your meals without distraction no phone, magazine, newspaper, book. This is even more important if you are eating the meal with other people. The interaction with the people at your table will energize and refresh you. I’ve sat at tables where everyone puts their phone in the middle of the table and if someone grabs their phone before everyone finishes, they have to pay for everyone’s lunch. In fact, eating while distracted can lead to weight gain. So don’t text while eating!

Take Longer Showers

The shower is one of the only places in many people’s homes where solitude can be a reality. If you shower in the morning take your time and let it wake you up. You may need to wake up earlier to create this quite time, but it’s worth it. If you shower at night take your time and let it be refreshing as you prepare to sleep for the night. I know many great ideas have come to me in the solitude of a shower. Someone even invented a shower-pen to solve the problem of not having a place to put your ideas down.

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Skip Netflix for a Night

Don’t watch tv at least one night a week. Fill that time with doing something refreshing something you really enjoy. Maybe it’s games with your family, reading, a date night, or dancing. Whatever is renewing for you and your family. You can always go back and watch the show tomorrow. Another benefit to skipping TV is longer sleep, it is much easier to stay up late when we have those flashing images in our faces.

Write in a Journal Daily

I’ve been writing or typing in a journal since 1999 and have more than a 15-years of thoughts, rants, prayers, and break-throughs recorded. When I hit a wall at work I will pull out my Apple Notes app and journal for a bit. It is always refreshing and energizing to me. Journaling is simple and it can be discreet as well. No one will know you are ranting in your journal or throwing down some anger as you type into your phone. It’s a therapeutic release and our phones go everywhere we go. According to PsychCentral, there are 5 scientifically proven benefits to journaling. So don’t miss out on this simple way to renew and refresh.

The next time you are looking ahead to a long energy-draining day, start with these 6 energizing and refreshing tips to make it through. I want to know how you refresh, comment below and share how you refresh and re-energize. Which of these would be the most effective for you?

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