A Full Backyard is a Full Heart

I’m one of those people that likes to throw their own birthday party and have a bunch of people over to celebrate. It’s so much fun to look out in your backyard and see a yard full of friends and their kids running around, people throwing the frisbee and playing lawn games. With this being my second birthday in Washington, it was so encouraging to see a backyard full of activity.DSC_0008

I broke in my new BBQ (thanks mom and dad) and made 32 burgers and 24 hot dogs. As I went in and out of the house, there were people chatting on the sofa, around the kitchen table, in the kitchen, on our patio, and kids playing on our play set, it was a beautiful site to see.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife that baked an awesome cake and got the house all set for our guests and did an amazing job hosting. Blessed to have friends want to celebrate with me. Best of all was seeing all the kids playing great together.

I want to say that I am grateful and thankful for our new friends in Washington. It has been an amazing experience to get close with each of you and watch our kids play together and become friends over the last several months as well. Part of moving our family here was to be close to Kari’s family and that has been great, but the unexpected blessing of so many friends so quickly is just amazing.

DSC_0004I look forward to connecting more and more over this summer and years to come. It is so cool to see your commitment to us, and I hope you see our commitment to you as well. As I have said many times in this blog, relationships are very important. In reality, they are the only thing that we get to take with us into eternity. And I am grateful that I have so many here in Washington already!

With summer fast approaching, I hope this post will serve as an encouragement to throw a party (maybe for a birthday or just for the heck of it) and invest in your own friendships. Grab your BBQ and throw some burgers on, you’ll be surprised how many people will show up if you bribe them with food!

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