Alpha Academy

I began working at Alpha Academy in the summer of 2005 and for the next 10 years my experiences with Alpha Academy and all the personal growth I enjoyed, pushed me to make the LifeMap concept available to a wider audience. Read below to learn where the original LifeMap came from and the amazing things Alpha Academy is doing in young men’s lives.

What Alpha Academy is All About

The basic premise behind Alpha Academy is this: it makes a lot more sense to work with young men who are only a few degrees off course, and help them get a solid plan for their lives than to just watch them as they drift farther and farther off course. Alpha Academy students do a variety of work from ag, to car sales, to pet care!

Mentoring at Alpha Academy

To that end, Alpha works with their students on decision-making skills, vocational choices, spiritual growth, personal responsibility, work ethic, and goal-setting. They also focus on life skills, including financial management, time management, menu planning/cooking, and interpersonal relationships. Alpha focuses their curriculum toward long-term, lasting success, with mission statement and values as core components.

They try to make Alpha Academy as real-world as possible. This means, among other things, that the students work to support themselves while they are there. Alpha has several business projects, and the students work half of each day on one of the projects.

While these projects are important for meeting Alpha’s expenses, their real usefulness is as teaching tools. The students learn the value of hard work, punctuality, planning, and follow-through. They also learn the “Law of the Harvest”; that is, you reap what you sow, and there is no free lunch. Additionally, these projects allow the students to gain exposure to several vocational fields.

While Alpha Academy is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination, it is a Christian program, based on Biblical principles, and Scripture is interwoven throughout their curriculum. Students need not be Christians to attend Alpha, but they must come with the understanding that it is Biblically based, and that Biblical teaching is integral to the program.

Students make a 6-month commitment to Alpha Academy, and the average stay is about 9 months. As long as they are demonstrating a continued commitment to learning and growing, students are welcome to stay beyond the 6-month commitment.