An Amazing Life Begins With This Simple Question

When we start with the right question we set off in the right direction. We automatically have a better start on our life planning, our project, or an idea. There’s nothing worse than answering the wrong question well and taking the wrong path, especially with life decisions. When it comes to life planning this becomes extremely important. Think about it, wouldn’t it be better to half-answer the right question than fully answer the wrong question and take the wrong path?

Using the LifeMap process begins your path to a redesigned life. And it begins with a simple question. This question is the first of three life planning questions to build your future. When we start here, I believe we  start with the right first question.

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Begin With: Where Am I?

 I have found the best question to start with is asking, where am I? When you ask this question, you avoid the costly mistake of assumption. When we assume we know where we are and don’t start with this simple question, we can end up answering the wrong questions well and taking the wrong path.

If you are like me, a well-answered question automatically makes me want to take the path that answer guides me toward. But when we stay disciplined to answer the where am I? question, we are far more likely to find the right answers to our questions. When you create a LifeMap you ask yourself this question in 7 Critical Areas of life.

Where am I? Such a simple question. But it’s effect on our lives can be enormous. When you look at the  testimonies page you can see the difference it has made in these men’s lives (including my own). I’ve found the simplest way to find the right questions to answer is by writing out where you are in the 7 Critical Areas of work, money, health, education, spirituality, emotions, and relationships.

Doing this gives me (and you) the opportunity to establish a baseline of where we are. To create a sort of background for our life planning. When this work is done we get to move on to the next “right” question. Which is, where do I want to go?

Today, I challenge you to write out the 7 Critical Areas of life (work, money, health, education, spirituality, emotions, and relationships) and begin answering the question of where am I? in each of these areas. I think you’ll be surprised at how helpful the exercise will be for you. Next week we can use this background and foundation information to answer where do you want to go? 

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