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App Review: ClipMenu – Why didn’t I start using this sooner?


I watch my daughter clean up our living room almost every night. It’s our routine. We eat dinner then I do the dishes while the girls clean up the mess they made before dinner. It’s an exercise in patience most nights because they move a lot slower than I do and are really inefficient.

Our sink is in the middle of our kitchen and gives me a good view of our living room, so I usually get to watch how the cleaning up goes and offer some encouragement along the way. Annaliese does something strange, though.

She picks up a shoe or two and walks to her room, then she comes back for her toy back to her room, then for her socks back to her room, then for another toy back to… you get the point. In my mind, it’s pretty obvious there is a more efficient way to do this.

Stop the Copy and Paste Madness

Here’s the problem. You and I do it all the time on our computers. If you are copying several lines of text one at a time from different websites or applications or copying numbers from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. I’m sure you can think of a time where you click copy then click paste or Command-C then Command-V over and over again.

What if you didn’t have to do this anymore? Think of all the things you repeatedly type on your computer on a daily basis. Now think about all the copying and pasting you do, back and forth back and forth. Or when you copy over an item and have to go back and find the text, the image, or reopen the website to get back to what you copied! How much time on a weekly basis do you waste doing this?

ClipMenu Saves You Time

Every time you copy something (up to 20 copies) it saves it into a “menu” you can select from. There is a global hotkey you can use (or customize) and it pulls up your past 20 copied items. This includes text and images.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.45.03 AMNow I have access to my copied text, numbers, and URLs. It is great for writing emails, blogging, and general computer efficiency. From the ClipMenu website: “You can also register texts you frequently use, like e-mail addresses, user IDs and so on, as snippets. You can paste these snippets from the menu, too.” 

“I’ve used the program 3 times in writing this post.”

The great thing about ClipMenu is it’s FREE. Designed for Mac OS it works flawlessly on my MacBook Pro and my work MacBook Air. The application is easy to learn and easy to use. Check out their website to read more or download.

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