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App Review: Wunderlist – Keep Your Life In Sync


Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep track of all that you do? The home project. Maintenance on the car. Mowing the lawn. Or some idea you can’t quite remember but you know it’s a good one. Work projects get complicated, deadlines pass and notes get lost.

These things can easily be resolved with a great to-do application. Of course, like all things, it’s all in how you use it, but Wunderlist gives you all you need to stay on track, on top of your projects, and it will remind you of what you need to get done. All of this and more can be tackled with Wunderlist.

As a Wunderlist user for over 6 years, I thought it appropriate to write a review. And since I recommend Wunderlist throughout my book to help you with your LifeMap, this is a great way to show you why.

It’s Easy to Use

Wunderlist is easy to use. It has a great interface and is available on almost any platform: mobile, web or desktop. It syncs across your devices so you can update wherever you are and know you’ll have that item.

With the ubiquitous cell phone, Wunderlist has made it very easy to use their application anywhere you are. Whether you need to capture the idea that popped into your mind, notes for a meeting, or delegate a task to someone for a project, it’s all at your fingertips.

A To-Do For Everything

This a great tool for simple tasks and lists like groceries you need to get or reminding yourself to call your mom. It’s great to use for projects with lots of tasks and details too.

Wunderlist breaks up their applications with a hierarchy of folders, lists, tasks, and subtasks. It’s just complicated enough to cover your detailed projects but not too complicated to overwhelm like some task management applications.

You can use the 4 levels of hierarchy to fit your needs however you want. Folders can be contexts, lists can be goals or projects. It’s simple enough that you can design it to fit your style of task management and it becomes more and more useful as you get your mind around all the features.

Recurring Tasks Keep You on Track

One  great feature that has become a necessity in my life is the recurring feature. Many of the tasks I do at home and at work I do over and over again. But even with that repetitiveness, I can still lose track of what I need to get done, so when I add these tasks to my to-do list I pretty much guarantee  the task done will get done.

A few ways I use recurring tasks to help me include:

  • Complete a weekly task review
  • Practice Guitar
  • Call my mom and dad
  • Write blog posts
  • Send birthday cards and presents to people

These are only a few of my recurring tasks, but the feature is extremely helpful. If I’m being honest, Wuderlist actually serves as a second brain for me. A place where I can keep my ideas that I wouldn’t remember otherwise. David Allen, author of Getting things Done puts it this way:

[Tweet “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. –David Allen Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. –David Allen Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. – David Allen”]

With Wunderlist, this becomes possible. In fact, if you use the GTD method of task management, Wunderlist is a great tool to help you accomplish this.

Notes, Sharing, Comments, and More…

Some of the other features that are great include notes for each task, sharing, comments, and file attachments. Among the many features of Wunderlist,  the ability to add notes to a task has been a key feature for me. It gives context and details to the specific task. I use them as a reference point within my list or project.

When I collaborate with others, the notes, sharing, comments, and attachments become even more useful. These features add context and clarity to a project or task and allow real-time feedback. For others, find the most useful feature to be the ability to share a task or comment within a project. Integrations with Evernote or your email and calendar, are great as well. All of these features add to the usefulness and value of the tool. One of the features my wife and I use is the sharing feature for our grocery list.

My wife and I have created a Wunderlist Groceries List, as the week goes on we add various items to the list that we think of or run out of. It is just one of many ways to use the sharing feature. A grocery list is great, but the most important way I use Wunderlist is for tracking my LifeMap goals and tasks.

Using Wunderlist to Build A LifeMap

I use Wunderlist to build my LifeMap. Every feature I have mentioned helps me accomplish my LifeMap goals. I use the app for my WAAG, I use it for my recurring  goals like learning the guitar or reading the Bible, for dates with Kari, and much more.

It gives me a central location to daily go to for dumping my thoughts and for directing my day. This allows me to answer the question from Phase 3 of the LifeMap, How do I get there? without losing track of my plans or end goals. This app is a great tool and each feature is helpful in becoming more productive and keeping your life in sync.

One More Thing…

This app is a great tool and I have integrated it deeply into my day to day life but what about cost? Here’s the deal, I’ve been using this app for 6 years and I am still finding new uses for the application! With all the features I mentioned, and all the uses I have found for the app, this has come at the cost of $0 for 6 years – yes, FREE. Wunderlist gives you a lot of features for free and they have been totally sufficient for my purposes.

There are other features and benefits when you pay for the application, but I haven’t found a need for these, yet. If you haven’t checked out this app before, give it a try – you can do it for FREE!


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