Your LifeMap Assessment Results

Thank You for Completing the Assessment

Please check your email to see your score totals for each area. The scores in your assessment will help you decide what key areas you need to focus on in your LifeMap and how. Please remember I am personally available to give you input as you go through the process.

Assessment Scores

A Score of 5-9 indicates a great dissatisfaction with this area of your life. It will be important for you to spend time with others to help you in this area and give you guidance for improvement. It may be helpful to jump in and out of this area to avoid discouragement. Make sure you reward yourself for the smallest of improvements.

A Score of 10-13 indicates you are in a time of evaluation and dissatisfaction in this area. You may have started working on this area of your life and have found it difficult to move the needle. Make sure to take small action steps in this area to help you improve and grow. Finding a mentor will enhance your opportunity for success.

A Score of 14-17 indicates you put in a good amount of work into this area of your life and you are starting to grow, or are on a trend of growth. You likely have found a mentor or support in this area and have followed their guidance with success. An important step for you is to continue to look for little areas to improve and grow. Continued accountability and mentoring will be key for you.

A Score of 18-20 indicates you are excelling in this area of life and have invested much time in this area. You are at a point where investing in others that struggle in this area would be valuable to you and them. In fact, it is likely to sustain this level of satisfaction you will need that investment. Make sure to use the patterns and habits of this area to improve others.