Birthday Letter To Annaliese

As I write this birthday letter to you, I am reminded of the day, five years ago, you came into my life. My first born child. Beautiful and tiny. I remember being so excited to meet you and love you. I had tears streaming down my face and falling to the floor as I saw my new baby girl. I loved you before I knew you outside of your mommy and I loved you more deeply the moment I saw you.img_3906

I loved you still more deeply the first time I held you. The beautiful thing is five years later I love you even more. Your enthusiasm, joy, laughter, and passion for life fills me with my own joy and passion for life. You are an amazing daughter and an amazing little girl. You are a light in my life that shines brighter than I knew was possible. Your ability to light up a room and soften people’s hearts is so evident.

I Am Proud Of Who You Are

God has created you to be His princess and to be loved by Him. As your precious faith grows, the passion, joy, enthusiasm, and laughter comes from the gifting he has given you. I pray you would lean into the talents God gives you and remain passionate and full of joy for your whole life.

Even at five years old, you are capable of doing so much. I am so proud of what you are learning in Spanish class, your ability to ride bikes, your heart for others, your compassion for your sisters, and your willingness to learn from your mistakes plus so much more. You will be a leader in your life, you have the heart of a compassionate leader and friend, with the drive to challenge people to do new things. This type of leadership is what many strive for and you have it naturally.

I pray that as you love and lead your sisters that Jesus would guide your heart and mind. That your desire to create games, to play, and be imaginative would never go away. I pray that your passion for making friends and connecting with people would lead many to know God and to draw closer to Him. And that this same passion would challenge your friends and family to grow in their own faith (like you have with me).

You Have Grown In So Many Ways

As I write this birthday letter, I am reminded of all the ways you have grown this year. You’ve grown taller and stronger. You’ve grown in your vocabulary and your ability to listen. You’ve grown in your care and love for your sisters. You’ve grown in your willingness to learn from your mistakes. And you’ve grown in your understanding of God. I am so proud of all the ways you are growing and I know these are only some of the ways.

img_3905Annaliese, I am so blessed to have you in my life. God has given me a stewardship over your heart and life and I am grateful beyond words for His trust in me. I know you are growing and learning, but I want you to know I am too. You have taught me that my love has no limits. You teach me that I can love your mom and sisters and you without running out of love. You teach me that I can be a more patient and understanding man. Your love for your friends and family has taught me to love my friends and family more deeply and unashamedly. Finally, your childlike faith has shown me how real Jesus is to you and created a deeper passion for me to love Him.

I Love You Princess

I love you, Annaliese. I am especially grateful to call you my princess and daughter. You have already given me, in 5 years of life, more than a father could hope for. Thank you for loving me and showing me new ways to love. Thank you for being the beautiful and wonderful princess that you are.

Happy Birthday!!
I Love You Always and Forever


“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

– Jeremiah 29:1

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