Birthday Letter to Haleigh


Every year I write a birthday letter to my girls. I use it as a reminder of the wonderful things about them and a recap of the year. Then I like to pray a blessing over their lives for the next year. This is the letter I wrote for Haleigh’s 2nd birthday.

Happy Birthday Haleigh

You are two years old now, Haleigh! It’s hard to believe I still see you as my baby girl. This year you went from just sitting around and eating/sleeping/pooping to crawling, walking and saying a few words. You are becoming a little girl before our eyes and it is a joy to watch.

Your hair went from this short little stuff on top of your head, to long and beautiful. You’re getting taller and stronger and definitely are getting more assertive with your sister and us! You are so much fun to be around and when you are not around your sister and I get some one-on-one time with you, I see how creative and smart you are.

You love to copy your sister, which can get you into trouble but you guys have so much fun together. You are so curious and love to explore the house and wherever you are. People love to be around you and say you are their favorite kid to play with. One of your favorite things to do now is to get into my nightstand drawer and pull stuff out, play with the flashlight, or eat the cough drops in the drawer.

You are a bit of an explorer and I hope God will use that in your life. You are also a follower but are able to do things independently as well. It seems you love to be social but know how to be by yourself and enjoy yourself. At times, I will catch you playing in the playroom being real creative with the tea set or a puzzle thoroughly enjoying yourself.

I pray that your willingness to follow would transfer to a heart to follow God. That God would give you wisdom to follow the right people and teach you how to lead well yourself. I ask that the Lord would use your desire to explore and learn and bless you with the courage to explore new and exciting things. I pray that God would give you a heart to learn about Him, about others, and to use that to bless Him and draw many to to know Him.

I love you Haleigh and look forward to watching you grow and become more of your own person and personality. I’m excited for the adventures that we will have this year and to see you become a big sister. Thank you for your wonderful hugs and perfect kisses, your amazing laugh and smiles too. I look forward to more and more of those this year.

I love you Haleigh Bear!


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