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    Don’t Stay Stuck In Your Life Begin Thriving By Building Your LifeMap

Don’t Stay Stuck In Your Life Begin Thriving By Building Your LifeMap

As the young man gained consciousness, all he saw was broken glass, twisted metal, and black asphalt. Moments ago, he was driving down a familiar road in a familiar place. Now, he was in a twisted heap of metal after getting hit head-on. Miraculously, he survived. As he climbed out and took a few steps away from the wreckage, he looked back and saw just how bad it truly was. Grateful he survived, he realized this car accident was much like his own life: a twisted wreck that has left him bruised, battered, and barely surviving.

For many, life can feel like barely surviving a car crash. Job insecurity, failed relationships, broken dreams, and lost potential can make you feel like life is falling apart at the seams, leaving you bruised and broken. But it doesn’t have to be a disaster. There’s a path through what sometimes feels like chaos, and I want to help you move out of the cycle.
Normal Life-Planning Cycle
The normal life-planning cycle consists of attempt after attempt to create success or progress. Unfortunately, when we don’t plan well, we end up getting lost and confused or stuck. The cycle looks a little like this:

LifeMap is designed to get you asking questions in the Critical Areas of your life. These questions will help you focus on your past, your present, and your future hopes and dreams. LifeMap gives you three key questions to help you develop a path that leads you to continued success and improvement.

You will create a LifeMap that will lead you where you want your life to go. Your LifeMap will take you on a directed journey set by you and the wise choices you make along the way. […]

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Discover A Brilliant Way To Teach Your Kids About Money

Last week my wife and I were talking about getting raincoats for the girls. Trying to be frugal, Kari did some Facebook research and found a local lady who had some raincoats for sale. She decided to connect with the lady and purchase them. They were $5 each after all. The funny thing is we didn’t have $10 in cash sitting around the house.

Going to an ATM wasn’t an option and no one accepts checks for purchases like this. But we had to come up with the cash somehow. So we ended up raiding our kids’ piggy bank for the extra $3 we needed. (We’ll put it back, I promise.)

This experience got me thinking. How do we help our kids to have a better understanding of finances?We definitely want our kids to save, spend, and give wisely.
3 Jars – Spend, Save, Share
After this experience, I read an article that addressed this specific question. The article gives parents ideas and tools to teach their children healthy financial habits. One of the ideas that stood out to me was their 3-Jars Idea. It’s really simple. The article speaks of creating habits in three categories. Spending, Saving, and Sharing. (I love the simplicity and the alliteration to make it easy for kids to remember.)

What parents can do is use 3 mason jars and write  “save” on one, “spend” on another, and “share” on the last. Anytime the child receives a financial gift, you pay an allowance to them, or some other reason they receive money, they then choose how to divide the money into the jars. The article mentions the ratios aren’t important, it’s about the kids learning positive financial habits.
Our Kids Think Money And Stuff Magically Appear
One of […]

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The Four Letter Word That Changed The Way I Understand Love

Have you ever had a hard time loving someone? You know you’re supposed to love your friend or family member but it’s just so hard. There’s one word that caught my attention in the Bible last week. It opened my eyes to a different way to look at love and I would like to share it with you. This simple four letter word can help all of us love people better and to love people when it’s difficult.
I was reading an article on love last week and it quoted the 1 Corinthians 13 verses that give us the Bible’s definition of love. What stood out to me was the part that says, “love is kind.” It’s right there at the beginning but I’ve always missed it. The word kind in Greek is chréstos. Which means, show oneself useful, i.e. act benevolently:–be kind.

Love Is Kind
I’ve missed this way of loving others many times in my life. As I thought about kindness the last several days, I came up with a list of where I missed the mark.

Saying harsh things under my breath
Saying mean things out loud
Not saying thank you
Not saying please
Honking the horn
Being rude to my wife or kids
Not holding the door for someone
Forgetting someone’s birthday
Being too lazy to call a friend or family member

I could go on of course, but this is embarrassing enough.

Kindness Through The Holy Spirit
It’s a challenge to always show love and kindness. But God never leaves us with a challenge that he doesn’t equip us to overcome. The Bible has a solution for how to consistently show kindness. It’s called the Holy Spirit and He gives us the fruit of […]

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3 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

I recently completed a life coaching certification through the John Maxwell Team and it was an amazing experience. Through the experience, I learned some amazing things about coaching and speaking. Some of those lessons came from the conference, others came from conversations with fellow coaches. The public speaking tips I learned completely changed my perspective and fears on speaking.  If you could learn three simple tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking, would you be interested?
Be Interested In Your Audience
Dale Carnegie, the author of How To Win Friends And Influence People, has an excellent quote to help drive home this first tip. He says, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Wow, that is convicting for me. How many times have I tried to get people interested in me to get attention? How many times have I tried to prove how smart I am to gain credibility? This quote is a powerful reminder of how fruitless those efforts are.

When it comes to speaking, if you find yourself standing in front of people and your main concern is you, you’ve got it wrong. If your concern is to make sure you sound good, look good, have all the answers, etc., you have the wrong focus. Yes, we need to present ourselves and our content well, but if we stay focused on us we are failing the audience.

So the solution is to know take an interest in your audience. Do research on specific people in the audience or the company you’re working with. When you do this, your genuine interest will be […]

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The Author’s LifeMap Workflow

It’s that time of the year again. I’ve started my LifeMap process again and I’m only partway through the first phase and have already had some great insights into some work, finance, and relational pieces. I’m consistently amazed at how powerful this process is. Check out my workflow to see how I made this happen.

After just 60-minutes working on my LifeMap, I’ve discovered why I’m dissatisfied with my financial position. I figured out of some changes I want to make at work. And I deepened a friendship in a way I never knew I could in one simple and purposeful conversation.

In this post, I’ll show you my process and how I got the results as quickly as I did.
How To Work The LifeMap Process

Start with a proper frame of mind and prayerful heart.
Set up your workflow.
Keep it simple.
Put due dates on each phase.

Be In The Right Frame of Mind
The worst thing to do when it comes to writing out your LifeMap is to feel obligated, rushed, or meh about it. First, start thinking about a strategy and the potential benefits of working through the process several days or even weeks beforehand. When you do this, the process and possibilities is fun and exciting.

Second, take the time to pray and prepare your mind for the first phase. The first question or Phase 1 is similar to a heartfelt journaling session. Putting all your thoughts, frustrations, and realities into a document. It’s like therapy for your soul. Once you are ready and in the right frame of mind, now you set up your workflow.
Set Up Your Workflow
This step is really important. If you have a great workflow the process is fun and rewarding. But […]

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Get Your Motivation Mojo Back With LifeMap

What do you do when you are feeling a bit demotivated in life? There could be a hundred reasons your motivation is down but whatever it is, your struggling to pick yourself up again.
It’s at times like these I know the best thing for me to do is to begin working on my LifeMap again. I’ve always found the LifeMap process to be motivating and encouraging.
At first, it’s a struggle because I’m not super motivated to get started. But once I begin working through the workbook questions and dreaming about my future, it perks me up. The LifeMap process is great like that. It’s simple and powerful. Once you begin, you are immediately put into a great headspace about your future. Thinking back to the last time I did a LifeMap, really brings the power of the tool to light.

My Most Recent LifeMap Results = Motivation
It’s been about 9 months since I last completed my LifeMap. Since then I’ve crossed off several goals. This list was a bit of a surprise to me. Don’t take this as me showing off, realize it is the power and simplicity of the tool that helped me accomplish these things.
LifeMap Goals

Lead classes on LifeMap
Create a new website
Get DISC certified 
Earn a raise
Dial in our budget 
Get up early every day
Start a life coaching certification

Of course, there are several other goals I have in play right now. And there are some goals that I didn’t complete. But I am proud of this list and look forward to what I can accomplish in my next LifeMap Cycle.

This is the amazing power of LifeMap and I look forward to what this next cycle will look like. This gives […]

What Running Can Teach Us About A Spiritual Life

My wife is a runner. In fact, she is on a run right now as I work on this post. She loves to run. From a 10k to a marathon. She can do it all. What is so amazing about running, besides the obvious physical benefits, are the spiritual benefits. When we run there are some amazing spiritual analogies.

A huge part of life and the LifeMap process is the spiritual piece. This component of the LifeMap (and your life) is vital to your success in answering the 3 key questions. Let’s use this analogy to describe the power of an enduring faith. Our faith, as many have heard before, is not a sprint but a marathon.

Running a marathon requires endurance and perseverance, focus, right perspective, and support in order to finish strong. Our faith is much like a marathon, requiring each of these pieces in order to live it out and to endure through the many challenges we face in this life. Fortunately, Jesus and many other people are with us through it all.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
Hebrews 12:1-2a
To get us started with talk about running the race of life with perseverance.
Run with Perseverance

Run with perseverance through what God has set before us.
Watch those that go before us, let their faith and actions encourage us.
Continue to run even though we stumble and face many difficulties.
Jesus allows us to run unencumbered. Without carrying our sin.
Run as YOU were meant to run.
Focus […]

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Where Am I? The Foundation Building Question To Life Change

Every once in awhile I have to ask myself a terrifying question. Where am I? This seems like a fairly simple question but our answer to this foundation building question can very informative. In a good way or a bad way.

Have you ever asked yourself that question? For most people, it’s not on their radar. I would suggest it should be. It’s a foundation building question that is healthy to ask.

Lost and Alone

Jim was walking down the street to grab a coffee on his morning work break. When all of the sudden, he heard screeching tires and heard a van skid to a halt right next to him. The side door to the van opens and three men jump out. They throw a black bag over Jim’s head and drag him into the van and slam the door shut.

At this point, Jim is terrified. And it only gets worse. He feels a thump and searing pain in his head and then white sparks start showing in his vision. After resisting for a moment, Jim gives into the need to close his eyes and slumps down to sleep.  Jim wakes in the middle of a meadow and there are no trails, no people, no buildings, just wilderness, and some tire marks from the van. What’s the first question you think Jim asked himself?
Our Lives Can Feel Lost, Confused, and Bruised
This is how many people feel, how I have felt – lost, confused, bruised. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be kidnapped and dropped into an unknown forest to not know where you are. Thousands of people are sitting at their jobs, in school, with a friend, or driving and they all have one thing […]

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4 Reasons Why Building a LifeMap is for You

Many people ask me who the target audience is for LifeMap. This is a tough question for me to answer. I think the LifeMap process could be helpful for anyone. So I find the best fit for the LifeMap audience is people who want purposeful direction in their life but can’t quite figure out how to get there. Read through the 4 reasons below to see if you should be building a LifeMap too.
You Struggle to Achieve Goals
What I mean is, if you’ve ever set goals and struggled to achieve them, LifeMap is for you. If you don’t know what your next steps in a relationship, your finances, work, or your spiritual life, LifeMap is for you. LifeMap is also for people that want a more precise path to follow in their lives. When you build a LifeMap, paving a path to your future becomes clearer than it ever has before.
You Hate Creating Goals
Building A LifeMap is about answering the right questions well, creating a plan to accomplish your goals, and surrounding yourself with great accountability to make sure you see results. If you see the word “goal” and it makes you cringe, LifeMap is for you. Yes, you will set goals but the difference here is you can and will accomplish them. One of the best quotes on goal-setting comes from Stephen Covey, he says, “Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.”

This quote is a perfect summary of why building a LifeMap works, you don’t just set goals you make plans to achieve them.
You are Transitioning in Life
LifeMap is for people transitioning in life. People transitioning from high school to college, college to career, single to […]

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