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    Are You Unhappy With Your Job? 7 Questions To Turn Things Around

Are You Unhappy With Your Job? 7 Questions To Turn Things Around

Nearly 52 percent of Americans are unhappy at work, according to a report by The Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group. This is a staggering and sad number because it means that every other person you see at work is unhappy with his or her job!

How about you?

If you are on the happy side of the fence, this article will help you reinforce the things that got you there. If you are on the unhappy side of the fence, carefully look at these 7 questions to help you improve your job satisfaction. Every 6-9 months I go through my LifeMap and ask a series of questions similar to these to help me chart a path for my work life. At the bottom of this article, we have a PDF to help you reflect on these questions.
Are You Bored Or Feeling Challenged At Work?
The challenge of their work is the number one reason that people say they are happy with what they do. In your current work experience, what do you find the most challenging about your job? The challenge becomes to discover how to experience more of these challenges. If you’re not experiencing challenges that are satisfying, what can you do to change these circumstances in your workplace?
What Is The Cost Of The Hours You Spend On Work?
Many people can work 50-60 hours a week and be perfectly content. This may be you. But consider this before you skim through this paragraph. How much time do you spend getting ready for work, traveling to and from work, and then decompressing? The idea here is to evaluate what the total hours and cost are to your life. Then to determine how to redeem as much […]

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9 Leadership Books To Help You Become A Great Leader

“Look at this apartment…do you see it? It’s a mess it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.” She continues, “You’ve all failed, you haven’t done anything. I asked you to clean this up, it’s filthy. How can we expect to fill this room with a new resident when it looks like this? The walls need paint, the carpet is stained, the windows…” she continued on for awhile.

I stood there thinking, wow, I’ve never been treated like this in my life, let alone by a supervisor. My thoughts were interrupted with, “Kyle, didn’t you know about this?” Looking at her I thought, I just don’t care, I don’t want to be treated this way. She doesn’t even have a clue how much effort the team put in to fix 100s of other issues. I didn’t say any of that I looked at her and said, “yes.” This type of conversation and treatment went on the whole day. We are all failures and she’s “pissed.”
Never Again
This experience was at a senior living facility that I briefly (thank goodness) worked at. Durning a “walk-thru,” it was all urgency and emergency. The writing was on the wall after I experienced 3 of these visits. Working for someone that communicates like this, speaks in this way, and has no understanding of the actual progress within the facility was no longer an option. Within the week I gave notice.

I never want to experience a boss like this again and I don’t want others to either. This list of leadership books comes from a heart to change the way some people see how to lead and supervise. Some items on this list may surprise you, but every one of them is powerful and effective. I’ve […]

The 5 C’s to Remember Everything

You can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool your own mind. It knows whether or not you’ve come to the conclusions you need to, and whether you’ve put the resulting outcomes and action reminders in a place that can be trusted to resurface appropriately within your conscious mind. – David Allen

This quote is a very powerful lesson on productivity. More importantly, it’s a powerful lesson on stress. How many of you have said you have too many ideas running around in your head? Or maybe you’ve said you can’t think straight.

These types of phrases are the results of a mind that is not at rest. A mind that is holding on to too many things at one time. In this article, I hope to help you break from the restlessness that a stressed mind can bring you.
What’s Nagging You
What’s the thing right now that keeps nagging you? The one item you need to take care of that you keep putting off. Is it going to the dentist (oh, wait that’s me)? Creating a budget? Cleaning the garage? Maybe you need to make that phone call? Lose the weight? The list is endless.

If any of these tasks struck a chord with you, let’s resolve that today and going forward. You really can have a mind that is in a much better state.
We Can’t Remember Everything – Stop Trying!
Remember the last time you got home from the store opened the fridge and discovered you forgot to get that one item (maybe milk or bread or eggs)? Why is it that we walk down the aisles of a grocery store and somewhere in the back of our minds we know we need eggs but we don’t […]

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6 Habits for Staying Insanely Productive

Don’t you hate coming into work on a Monday morning to 30 unread emails and a to-do list that is 50 tasks long? I know I do. We all share the same problem, the number of unread emails won’t change much and the task list won’t either. So how do you stay productive in this mess?

These 6 habits will get you on your way to staying insanely productive and I’ll give you a simple tip to implement these habits.
Plan Your Day
Whatever you do, no matter what, don’t go to your email first. Your email is a time suck, it is the trap of the urgency. Yes, at some point you need to get to it, but start first by looking at what you have control over, your to-do list and your calendar of meetings. Sketch out your day on an app or a piece of paper.

Don’t just do it in your head, recording it creates accountability. When you start your day this way you are making an agreement with yourself on what you will get done. While you are doing this make sure to create the habit of this next productive tip.
Tackle 1-2 Main Things
I can hear many people saying, “I don’t have that level of control over my day.” Fair enough. This is why planning your day and picking 1-2 main things you want to finish will keep you focused and on track.

Pick 1-2 things that are not urgent but are very important for you to complete. At the end of the day, we will know we have accomplished at least one thing if not two. Being productive in this way is very encouraging and motivating, especially because you are choosing the tasks.
Do The […]

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How To Lead Like Tom Brady

Great leadership doesn’t happen overnight. But some have an innate ability to lead. Tom Brady is one of those leaders.

Tom Brady turned 40 last week. While I’m not a fan of the Patriots, I can’t deny the leadership chops of their Hall of Fame quarterback. When you read about his work ethic and look at his history, it’s hard to deny the greatness of his career and leadership. But how did Tom Brady achieve such greatness?

There’s a fun article on ESPN with several insider stories about Tom Brady and his exploits. Some of the stories are powerful and some are just silly, but each of them tells a deeper story about great leadership.
A Great Leader Know His Options And Chooses Wisely
A leader needs to know his options and wisely choose which one to take. During one practice teammate, Mike Vrabel calls for a pass during practice. Brady in some colorful words says, “I know who’s open. I’m the quarterback, I’ll throw it to whoever the f— I want!” He knew his options and he has five Superbowl wins to prove it.
A Great Leader Has An Amazing Work Ethic
Rodney Harrison, a long-time safety for the Patriots, tells a story of Brady’s work ethic in the gym. “I show up around 6:30 in the morning and he says to me, ‘Good afternoon!'” Over the next few days, Harrison shows up 15-30 minutes earlier each day and Brady continues to greet him by saying, Good afternoon.” Brady was always there first and already working out.
A Great Leader Has Fun With Her Team
After a game in Buffalo, the team heads to a BBQ place and have a beer-chugging contest. After some coaxing, they talk Brady into competing. Backup quarterback […]

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How To Take The Headache Out Of Remembering Things

If you’ve ever struggled with remembering things, like a brilliant idea you’ve had or a promise you made, this simple trick will help you remember things and keep your promises.

The problem with ideas is they are fleeting.The distraction of someone or something else robs us of the original idea or solution. The problem with promises is we sometimes forget we made them. We intend to follow-through on our ideas and promises but life gets in the way. The result? Forgotten ideas and broken promises that hurt people. Not ideal.

If this has happened to you before, you know the pain of losing that brilliant idea. And you hate the feeling of forgetting to show up for lunch with your friend.

Overcoming pitfalls like these as an absent-minded and forgetful person like me can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is a simple solution and you will, like me, slap yourself on the forehead when you read it.
Don’t Trust Yourself to Remember Things
Here’s the main thing. When your brilliant idea or your solution to a problem comes to mind but you can’t do anything with it, don’t trust yourself. Distractions will prevent you from remembering as will the stresses of life.

In fact, for this article, I should have taken my own advice. I remembered and forgot the topic three times! Until I did the most important thing…
Slow Down and Write Down
Here’s the secret, I slowed down, actually, I stopped and wrote down the article topic onto my to-do list. That’s it. Nothing mind blowing here. But it can be life changing if you honor the process. With all the stimuli in our lives, slowing down or stopping to write down the ideas we have can make a huge difference. So where […]

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Sometimes You Have To Wait Until The 33rd Round

If you know me, you know I’m not exactly a baseball fan. But this story is so special and inspiring I had to share it. It’s a story of overcoming hardship and never quitting on a dream. It’s not every day that a baseball player like Brock Stassi gets attention, but his story of commitment, perseverance, and achievement is something when can all learn from.
The MLB Dream
The route to the Major Leagues wasn’t easy for Brock Stassi. As a 33rd round draft pick in 2011, Brock’s journey would start on a farm team in the minors. Now in 2017, after 6-years of playing in the minors, he is on the Phillies 25-man roster.

This is what he had to say after he was asked what it felt like to be where he is now, “I always believed in myself. I always had confidence that I would work hard,” said Stassi, who was drafted by the Phillies in the 33rd round in 2011. “When I was in high school, I wasn’t recruited to go to college, and then late pick, so a lot of confidence. It was always my end goal. I never doubted myself ever.” (Credit to USA Today for the quote.)

This short interview with Brock Stassi reveals some amazing lessons on commitment and achieving goals we all can learn from.

Click for Video Interview
Find Someone That Believes In You
In the video, you hear Brock talk about the scout that drafted him in the 33rd round. This scout named Joey recognized talent and took a risk. The risk paid off in the minor leagues and hopefully, now in the major league. It’s unbelievable what happens when you can find someone that believes in you and supports you. […]

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    Do You Have An Advisory Board? – If You Don’t, You Need One

Do You Have An Advisory Board? – If You Don’t, You Need One

When I wrote the LifeMap book, I consulted with my advisory board frequently. They gave me expert advice, honest feedback, and great encouragement and support. The thing is, I don’t have a large business or some room to sit in with these people. We never all met at the same time. In fact, they don’t even live in the same states. But they were extremely helpful through the process.

Without their advice, feedback, and criticism I would not have finished the book. And this book is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

When I began writing the LifeMap book I consulted with several trusted people. Each of them cast their vote (opinion) on what I should do with the book, how to write it, how to produce it, etc. But if you asked any of these board members they wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Here’s why. They didn’t even know they were on my board.

Here’s the deal, you need a personal board of advisors too.
Why You Need An Advisory Board
You can’t accomplish a thing without other people. You especially can’t accomplish anything great without other people. If you have any desire, big or small, to accomplish things in your life, to venture into the unknown, you need a board.

As mentioned above, without this team I wouldn’t have completed the book and it would be nowhere near the quality that it is. Since you need a great team or board for your next project, why not pick an ideal one?
Who Should Be On Your Board
The ideal board members are experts in their field, will be honest with you, and will support you along the way. The great thing about this board is they don’t […]

First Lead Yourself If You Want Others To Follow

John Maxwell is quoted as saying, “Leadership is simply about influencing people. Nothing more, nothing less.” This is a powerful notion and true statement about leadership. As I think about this quote and “Irrefutable Law” as Maxwell puts it, I have a follow-up question. How do you lead yourself? Because honestly, if you want to influence and lead others, you have to start with yourself.
What a 21-Day Fast Taught Me About Leadership
I’m currently in the middle of a 21 day fast. In fact, it’s over today! Which is great for me. Now, this fast is not from all food, it is only from sweets. My sugar tooth was getting the best of me for a while so I decided to quit dessert for 21 days and see what would happen.

Today is day 21 and while I do miss sweets, it has been a great experience. The experience is teaching me to hold myself back and build up self-control in my life. I’ve even lost about 5 pounds.

But the weight loss isn’t the point. Leading myself is the point. To be a leader the first person we need to lead is ourselves. Practicing self-control and discipline with dessert is just one example of influencing and leading myself to change my behavior.
Leadership Requires Consistency and Follow-Through
In order to change your behaviors and change, you have to be consistent. In my case, I had to follow through on my commitment to not eat sweets for 21 days. Being a real leader requires both of these ingredients. Being a leader that influences is a leader that is consistent and follows through on commitments.

To lead and influence others we have to start with ourselves. This is a scary place to […]

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