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Would you do it?

Did you know, according to the AADA, over 40 million people in America have an anxiety disorder?  There are many reasons people have anxiety but the most common trigger is stress in our lives. Stress and anxiety adversely impact all of us at some point in our lives. Sometimes personally and other times we see stress and anxiety, that can eventually lead to depression, in the lives of friends and family. When people’s lives don’t go the direction intended, good intentions don’t bring the desired results, or circumstances create impossible challenges anxiety and stress rise. But there is a way out of this cycle.

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This is where the LifeMap process comes in to change everything. It is also where I need your help to get the message out.

My heart and yours are that no one would be in this place of anxiety and possibly teetering on depression. Fortunately, with the publication of LifeMap and the LifeMap Workbook, there is a simple process that can help close the door on anxiety. The LifeMap gives people a way out of the stress of their lives. The anxieties of life take on a whole new and healthy perspective. The LifeMap process walks people through the three phases of creating a map for their lives and relieves many of the anxieties they carry every day. You can learn more about each phase of the process in this post.

Your Network

Within each of our social networks, there are many people that could use life direction. With so many people struggling in life with little direction and full of anxiety, building a LifeMap can change this. I’ve seen it in my life and in the testimonies of these young men.

This isn’t about book sales, it’s about getting this simple process in front of others to help them change their lives. Maybe even to save their lives. No one can face the challenges of life alone and I want people to know they don’t have to. By asking the right questions, creating accountability, and following through on wise actions, people’s lives will forever be altered by this process. With your help, we can get this process in front of them with two mouse clicks! Opening the door for life change many never thought possible.


My Ask

Would you be willing to click the button and share the update to your network? Click the link below to open up a window that automatically creates a Facebook status update. Once the window opens, click “post to Facebook” and then that’s it. You’re done. The status update links to the book landing page for people to check out and review.

I believe you have friends in your network that need this process. They are desperate for a new start and this process will work for them.

Would you please help me spread the word? This is what you will see.




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