3 Powerful Lessons on Love from My Daughters

3 love lessons

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On September 4, 2016, my life changed for the third time. We welcomed Lydia Megan Gillette into the world. When Lydia joined our family, I began to think about the lessons that my children have taught me in the short few years I have been their father. Here are the top 3 love lessons I’ve learned (so far).

1. Let Your Kids Teach You About Love

Annaliese was the first to break my heart. The moment she arrived in this world I experienced a profound connection of love and joy with her. She opened my heart, she allowed me to experience a different way to love. She didn’t have to do anything or say anything to have my full heart and joy.

Annaliese broke my heart open to a new way to love. Each daughter since her has done the same. Teaching me to never limit my love. They taught me the breadth and depth of the love we can express is beyond our imagination. It has helped me understand that I should never make my children earn my love. When I do this I put limits on love. God never put limits on His love for us, so I will not put limits on my love for my children.

2. Love Equally But Differently

Before I had kids, I thought I would have a hard time loving them equally. I thought it would be hard to not have a favorite. This is not the case at all. The beauty of loving my children is that I love them all equally but I love them differently.

This reminds me of how God loves you and me. He shows His love to me through music, nature, and whispers to my heart. For you, He might show you His love through art, people, or your work. It’s an amazing way to view God’s love for us. It’s equal but different. And I am so glad this is true.

3. Grow Your Love Of Your Spouse By Watching Them Love Your Children

After 7 years of marriage, I am still impressed every day at the beauty of my wife inside and out. Before we had our children she impressed me with her hard work, her attitude, her faith, and her love for me. But it wasn’t until we had our children that I understood the depth of how wonderful she is.

One of my favorite prayers to pray for Kari and I is that God would help us to fall more in love with each other today than we were yesterday. I believe this has happened in our marriage almost every day. After we had our children and I got to see her as a mother, the depth of my love for her only increased more.

She continues to work hard, have a great attitude, grow in her faith, and love me, but now I get to observe each of these attributes poured into our children. Watching her love them is amazing. It inspires me to love them and her more. Through this I have learned one of the best ways grow in your love for your spouse is to watch them love your children. I think this lesson can be applied to growing in our love for God as well. When we see how much God loves those around us, it reminds us how much he loves us.

The Three Lessons

My 3 beautiful little girls taught me that there are no limits to God’s love or how much we can love. That God loves us all equally, yet he loves us all differently and we can too. You can grow in your love for your spouse by watching how they love others and grow in your understanding of how much God loves you and others!

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