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Why Worry? The Simple Thing You Need To Do To Eliminate Worry

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I went on a weekend retreat with a bunch of men from my church this weekend. It was an epic trip and some great friendships were made and many others were strengthened. If you’ve never had an opportunity to experience such an event, I highly encourage you to participate in one.

During the weekend we talked about several things that were really encouraging and helpful. We talked about humility, worry, and life’s trials, just to name a few. As these topics were discussed, many of the men shared about their struggles in life. During a break at the retreat, I began reading “The Christian’s Secret To A Happy Life” By Hannah Whitall Smith and found some amazing insight about how to handle worry, trials, and burdens.

Lay Down Your Worries and Trials

Hannah, who had been through a life of unusual sorrow, shares some life-changing advice with a visitor to her home. The visitor asks how it is that she can bear so much sorrow. Hannah begins with a response that I find to be excellent. Hannah says, “the Lord bore it for her.”

Simple advice. Good advice. But there’s more. Hannah takes the wisdom of this to the next level.

Keep Laying Down Your Worries and Trials

After the visitor reflects on Hannah’s response to her worry and struggles, Hannah continues. “…but we must do more than that; we must leave them there. Most people take their burdens to Him, but they bring them away with them again and are just as worried and unhappy as ever. But I take mine, and I leave them with Him, and come away and forget them. And if the worry comes back, I take it to Him again; I do this over and over until at last I just forget that I have any worries and am at perfect rest.”

This is a simple approach to your worries and burdens. At this point, you may be thinking but what happens when the anxieties return?

You Can Stop The Worry

For Hannah, she learned that as often as the anxieties returned, she needed to keep taking them to the Lord. “…the result was that although the circumstances remained unchanged, her soul was kept in perfect peace in the midst of them.”

Hannah had found the secret to her burdens. She learned how to never again “carry her own burdens, nor to manage anything for herself.” She got out of her own way. She stepped off her island. You can too.

Don’t Be On An Island

Hannah discovers the amazing truth that she doesn’t have to go it alone. On our retreat, many men discovered new friendships and realized they too did not have to be alone in their burdens. The island of self is very lonely and filled with challenges that are impossible to survive on our own. Get off your island. Bring the burdens and worries of your life to God and to your friends.

Then you will discover a relief and release that can come in no other way.

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Find Your Perfect Peace – Eliminate Worry

Hannah finds her “perfect peace” in the midst of her trials, burdens, and worries. You too can find this perfect peace when you always bring them to the Lord. As you decide whether you want to be on the island of self or not, think about this question.

What if you never again had to carry your burdens alone? Would you want that? Whatever burdens, whatever trials, whatever worries you face today or from your past, take on Hannah’s challenge. Lay them down at the feet of the Lord. If they come up again, lay them down again at His feet. Eliminate worries from your life!

Place your worries and burdens in Him.

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? – Luke 12:25-26

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