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The Night in Ensenada that Changed Me Forever

Ensenada Mexico Night Flag by Beau Hudspeth
Ensenada Mexico Night Flag by Beau Hudspeth

Ensenada, Mexico

There were about 50 people in the room with a four-person band standing in front of all of us. The band consisted of a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. They had a great energy and got you involved in the music and in the emotions of the room and what was happening spiritually.

I remember the floor had a blue mat on it, similar to a wrestling mat, and several friends were around me enjoying the music and singing along to it. The space we were in was about the size of a small hotel conference room, it could fit maybe 50 people. We were in the middle of our spring break mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico, and jam packed into this little space for our nightly worship time.

I think the band played the same 6-8 songs every night we were there. My experience with worship music at the time was fairly limited, but their song repertoire was to my advantage, after the same 6-8 songs for five nights I memorized most of the song lyrics.

When I was about 15 years old I began to have an interest in church and in God, the Bible, Jesus and the whole world of Christianity. My family supported my pursuit, but it was primarily a solo pursuit. Sure they would come to big church send-offs, like the one to Ensenada, Mexico, and were a great support but, this was my journey to learn about and experience.

The friends I knew from high school and First Baptist Church in Reedley, California, started praying for me and inviting me to church and to youth events, eventually landing me in that stuffy room in Ensenada, Mexico.

The stakes were very high for me

Like all of us the battle with sin is extremely difficult, and on this night I knew my sin had to be dealt with, but I didn’t know how.

Jesus wants a personal relationship with you…with me, with everyone. And I knew this but didn’t understand what it took. Until the singer of that band asked everyone to be quiet and pray, to listen to what God had to say to each of us. As I prayed and tried to listen the mantra returned, God forgive me for my sins, forgive me for my sins…

I know there is a standard and this standard is Jesus, but like all those before me, I failed to reach the perfect standard. Yet I know the beautiful truth: Eternal life as my reward because Jesus took the punishment for my sins. This is the way Jesus designed things, simple yet so difficult to believe and accept as the way to forgiveness. Fortunately, on that night I finally did.

The moment that changed my life

The band had everyone quite down and be silent and to be in prayer and reflection with God. After a few minutes silence passed, I heard someone yell – JESUS – and I felt a rush of chills cover my body and an understanding I never had before. Immediately following the yell, God gave me this clear message, you are forgiven accept my forgiveness.

I realized the piece that was missing in my heart was accepting His forgiveness, what He did for me on the cross. Jesus forgave me long before I knew Him in any way and He was waiting for me to accept this forgiveness. With this revelation, my confession of sin and acceptance of Jesus into my heart and life, my personal relationship with Jesus truly began.

How has Jesus spoken to your heart? Has he spoken to you through this post? Comment below about what Jesus has done in your heart and life. I would love to hear about your story! 

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