Where Am I? The Foundation Building Question To Life Change


Every once in awhile I have to ask myself a terrifying question. Where am I? This seems like a fairly simple question but our answer to this foundation building question can very informative. In a good way or a bad way.

Have you ever asked yourself that question? For most people, it’s not on their radar. I would suggest it should be. It’s a foundation building question that is healthy to ask.

Lost and Alone

Jim was walking down the street to grab a coffee on his morning work break. When all of the sudden, he heard screeching tires and heard a van skid to a halt right next to him. The side door to the van opens and three men jump out. They throw a black bag over Jim’s head and drag him into the van and slam the door shut.

At this point, Jim is terrified. And it only gets worse. He feels a thump and searing pain in his head and then white sparks start showing in his vision. After resisting for a moment, Jim gives into the need to close his eyes and slumps down to sleep.  Jim wakes in the middle of a meadow and there are no trails, no people, no buildings, just wilderness, and some tire marks from the van. What’s the first question you think Jim asked himself?

Our Lives Can Feel Lost, Confused, and Bruised

This is how many people feel, how I have felt – lost, confused, bruised. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be kidnapped and dropped into an unknown forest to not know where you are. Thousands of people are sitting at their jobs, in school, with a friend, or driving and they all have one thing in common; they have no idea where they are or where they want to go in life.

The foundation to building an amazing life begins with the simple question: Where am I? With this question, we can begin to the process of building a LifeMap and putting purposeful direction in our lives.

Where are you in your life? Begin the LifeMap process today and start your journey to answer this foundation building question. Check out the LifeMap book and workbook to learn more.

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