Happy Birthday Haleigh!!

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I’m so proud of our two-year-old, Haleigh. She is such a joy to be around and has been so much fun to watch grow up. Today we celebrated her turning two a little early and everyone had a great time.


We decided to go with a train theme because she loves to play with her train set. Kari made a great cake train and decorated it with a ridiculous amount of frosting. The cake was delicious and I think everyone went home to take a nap after the party!


Everyone made their own personal pizzas and had several toppings to choose from. I went with pesto and sausage with a few vegetables. I really enjoyed my pizza.



I love this little girl and look forward to the many birthdays to come. She got a bunch of great toys, some yummy cake, and had a really good time. I think it only took her 30 seconds to fall asleep for her nap!

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The presents were great and so was the cake, yet the best part was the love seen by all in our home. I know without a doubt that Kari and I will be raising our children in an atmosphere of love and encouragement. Her aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents show such great love for her and I am very grateful for this.


My favorite part of the party was when Haleigh went around to every relative and gave them big kisses and long cuddly hugs. At one point, we didn’t know if she would let hugging her grandma Kelley!

Happy Birthday, Haleigh!!

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