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I Have an Addiction


I eat too much sugar. I’m an addict, I really am. If I see a cookie, ice cream, doughnut, a pancake, chocolate chips or any other sweet and there is no one blocking my path, I will be chewing on it in less than 30 seconds. It really is a problem. Some people say I have a “sweet tooth” that’s not really accurate, I have a problem. A lack of self-control.

Our eating habits are just like all the other habits in our lives, some are good some are bad, but they are etched into our lives and the bad ones are hard to remove. Eating dessert after dinner is as normal and habitual as brushing my teeth. But, I think there are a few simple thing we all can do to help improve our waistlines.

Tip 1

The first is don’t do anything dramatic, most of us can’t drop dessert, sodas, fries, and coke in a week. Don’t attempt to eliminate several unhealthy habits from your diet in one week. Start slow. For me I am choosing to eliminate dessert, with the hope that I can make it to Wednesday, if I do, I will choose to eliminate dessert until next Sunday. If I continue at this pace I will be changing the habit and lifestyle for the long-term.

Tip 2

The second tip is to do a food inventory. What is in your house that is not ideal for you to be eating? Get rid of these items, throw them away or give them away. What does your normal grocery list look like? Keep track of the items on these lists. From my 30-pound weight loss experience, when you only have healthy things in your house to eat… well, you eat healthy of course.

Tip 3

The third tip is to treat eating out as a special event or treat, not a frequent or daily occurrence. When eating out becomes a special event or treat our wallets are happier, the weight stays off, and our health improves. At a restaurant, it is challenging to eat a low-calorie meal and almost impossible to know the source of the foods. Eating out is a fun thing to do and I encourage it, but only when done in moderation 1-2 times a week is where the limit is for me. What’s your limit?

Tip 4

The fourth tip is to plan your meals. Use that healthy grocery list, the extra bucks and extra time from not going out to eat, to plan your meals. Typically planning lunch and dinner will be the most effective for changing your habits and caloric intake. When I plan lunches and dinners I eat less and generally have leftovers for work lunches. This saves money and time in the long run, not to mention I eat healthier too.

Your Physical Health is Key to a Successful Life

Our physical lives are vitally important to a successful life. When you feel well, you perform well. When we are confident about our appearance our self-confidence and self-esteem rises. Healthy diet and exercise will bring longer life and more opportunity to all of us. When we get this critical area of our lives on track, we literally are saving our own lives.

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