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I’m at Rookie Level in the 30 Day Challenge

As a personal trainer, exercise is really important to me but I still find it difficult to make it to the gym or stick to a routine. Enter The 30 Day Challenge. I designed a 30 day, step-by-step workout program and decided to test it on myself.

I am on day 5 today, which is a core workout, and it was pretty tough. The previous workouts were strength training, two squat and pushup workouts, and a total body workout. Each of these are challenging in their own way, but what I like about this challenge is how I can adjust the level of difficulty.

It reminds me of playing video games when I was younger. I would start at the rookie or novice level and then work my way up to the expert or superstar level (Thanks NBA 2K). As I got more and more skilled with the game and could beat the computer more easily, I would challenge myself by raising the difficulty level to all-star or expert.

These workouts are the same way. I can add more reps in the 60 seconds I have,  lessen the rest a little, add weight, add rounds, etc. These changes are great because they allow me to push myself in different ways each time and improve as I go.

As far as my “level” I would say I am at “rookie” today but hoping to move to a “starter” and beyond next week!

Check out the challenge if you want to learn more. Join me in the challenge today or sign up to follow me on my 30 Day Challenge.


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