Last Year’s Birthday Letter to My 3 Year Old


With my daughter’s birthday right around the corner, I took a look back at the birthday letter I wrote to her when she turned three. I write them to chronicle the big pieces of their life for that year and to pray a blessing over their lives. As Annaliese gets older she will get to look back on her own development and the blessings God has given her over the years.

Part of my LifeMap is to connect relationally with the girls and be a spiritual encouragement to them, this letter is one way I try to do this.

Happy Birthday Annaliese

Happy 3rd birthday! Three years old, you are growing older by the minute, just last year at this time you were getting better at walking, saying complete sentences, learning colors, and numbers, now you are a little girl.

This last year was interesting. If it is any sign of who you will be as a young adult and as an adult, you will be a fiercely independent young woman. That little body and mind of yours does not rest until it absolutely has to. Your emotions are such a wonderful part of who you are and will be such a draw for others because you wear your heart on your sleeve, and at the same time know what you want and where you want it, and when. These are amazing leadership traits and they will benefit many people in your future.

I don’t know what you will do with yourself in the future, but as you turn 3 I have some prayers for you and the future God has planned for you.

Jesus, for my little monkey that you so graciously have given Kari and me, I pray for your great love and wisdom to deeply penetrate her heart, for Annaliese to be a child after your own heart and to impress us with the depth of wisdom of your love and kindness. I pray your blessing of a sound mind, a soft heart, and a willing spirit.

As she becomes more and more of a big sister lead her to lead Haleigh in love and support, may they always be the best of friends, and resolve their differences quickly and wisely. Jesus draw Kari and I closer to her, may we love your child with fierce resolve and fearless faith in what you would have us do as a family. Give us a faithful trust in your growth and development of her, and a hope of so much fun times and excitement as we continue this journey as a family.

Bless Annaliese to know you and love you more this year and every year after. I ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.

Who can you encourage or bless today? Who can you write a letter of encouragement to today?


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