The Life Lesson I Learned From My Daughter’s First Bike Ride

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike and experienced the wonderful freedom it brings?  Even in my 30s the joy and freedom of riding a bike hasn’t lost its wonder. This week my daughter did something amazing, she learned how to pedal around on her bike! As a proud dad, I couldn’t help but blog about this.

We went camping over Father’s Day weekend at Bay View State Park and had a great time. At the campground, there was a huge circular driveway with a big grass field in the middle. Annaliese spent most of her time (when it wasn’t raining!) striding around on her bike with her cousin. It was super fun to watch.

I took the pedals off her bike a few weeks before to help her get better at balancing on her bike, but it wasn’t until she watched her cousin gliding around on his bike at the campground that she got comfortable with doing it herself.

On Monday after we got back she really wanted to ride her bike in the neighborhood and she coasted around great. Then the coolest thing happened, she asked if she could ride with the pedals. So I put them back on and after just a few tries she was off and pedaling with ease. It was awesome.

The video below was her first successful ride!

Even after showing Annaliese how to pedal and working with her for weeks on getting better at pedaling and gliding, it was her cousin that got her to get over the challenge.

The life lesson for me? Sometimes when we are trying to teach something new to someone, the best example may not be our own. Sometimes we need to get out of the way so others can help them learn. When I stepped back and allowed my daughter to learn from her cousin, her learning quickly accelerated and eventually led to her pedaling around on her bike. I couldn’t get her to do this without his help.

The question and life lesson I have for myself: Where do I need to step back and let other people teach my children instead of me? How about you with your kids? or a friend? or family member?

I’m super excited to start riding around the neighborhood and parks with her. Eventually, we’ll find our way to some mountain biking too.

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