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LifeMap Testimony: Nathan’s Story

Nathan Wells
Nathan W.

Before I was introduced to the LifeMap concept, my efforts really were a bit unfocused. Sure, I had goals, hopes, and dreams, but I just sort of stumbled along chalking most things up to chance and hoped for the best. The LifeMap really helped me put the bigger picture into a perspective of where I am, thought more about where I really wanted to go, and helped me plan out the things I needed to do to get there.

While life is not all about success and materialism, unfocused energy, in my opinion, is wasted energy. Whether it is for God or for the day ahead. Which really go hand in hand. We live for Christ, but I often go into auto pilot, striving in my own efforts and strength. It is easy to focus on the circumstances of the immediate and become blind to the bigger picture of God’s love, plan, and purpose. We were given one life, and personally, I would like to make the most of it.

Getting Clarity

By focusing our efforts, and “Life-Mapping”, I think that I can make the most of my time on this earth. Sure, [a] man makes his plans, but… the Lord directs his steps. By being intentional with our time, resources, and efforts, I think we allow God to make the most of our lives by continuing to walk forward. The enemy is the one who wants to discourage our efforts and scatter our attention, essentially making us ineffective for God, for ourselves, and really anyone else for that matter.

My hopes and dreams have a map and steps to get there. I can look at my present circumstances, evaluate my resources, filter out what is important, and what is not.

If I look at what is truly and honestly important to me, not just what I want or long for, it can give me a clearer picture of where I really want to go. For example, money is important, but not everything. How much am I willing to sacrifice for it? How far will I travel for work and how many hours are worth it to make some extra money? Given my honest answer to these things gives me a better idea of how much sacrifice I will make, and an idea of what it is I really want and what is really healthy for my life and family.

Where I’m Headed

I am a pipe fitter welder by trade. I worked hard in my certification classes and had a chance to weld test at the union hall through my certification class. They were impressed with my welding and gave me a chance to join their apprenticeship. Now my goal is to find a career that I can support a family with and to still be able to sleep in my bed every night in San Luis Obispo where I was raised.

Now I am looking to become a QV (quality verification) inspector at Diablo Canyon Power Plan in Avila, CA. With a plan and direction, through my LifeMap, I reach this new goal.

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