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Discovering How To Feed Your Passion And Purpose

There’s a trend in our culture right now about discovering your passion and purpose. I find the language around passion and purpose to be particularly important and interesting. No one talks about creating a passion for something. What you hear instead is phrases like find your passion and discover your passion. This is very revealing. No one can really create their passion or purpose.

People may be able to grow their passion or find themselves in circumstances to discover their passion. But I don’t believe anyone creates their own passion and purpose. And that’s a good thing. If it is something we create, it will be limited. If it is something from a different source, the potential is unlimited. That’s exciting.

Passion And Purpose Isn’t Something We Create

I was talking to a friend in the parking lot of a coffee shop when the idea of growing one’s passion took shape in my mind.

Standing in the middle of the parking lot, I said something that was not my own words or thoughts. I said I didn’t think passion could be created, it’s rooted deep in us. It’s more of a little seed we find than something we can create on our own.

It may be a small seed, but it’s there. Something feeds it and it begins to grow. Over time that passion starts to take on a shape we can understand. A passion for making videos becomes a passion for telling stories through film, becomes a passion to change lives through film, etc.

This got me thinking. If I can’t create my passion and purpose, where does it come from? It’s rooted within me somewhere and for some reason, but who put it there? This got me thinking about God and the Bible. He gifts us with certain talents, puts desires in our hearts, and fans and feeds that seed with opportunities, hardships, and divine intervention.

It is under these circumstances that we each will discover our passion and purpose. And when what we desire to do matches with the gifting and talent God has given us it is amazing what can be accomplished. This is exactly what happened to Jesus. God gave Him a passion to love us, to give us His grace, and to rescue us from a life forever without Him.

Finding Your Passion and It’s Root

If I recognize that Jesus is the model for being passionate about something, I know there will be hardships but there will be support. I know there will be great loss but ultimate victory. And I know amazing things will happen that will affect many people’s lives for good.

When I live within the passion God has given me, it isn’t easy but I know I have all I need to accomplish what I’ve been placed here to do. And that, my friends, is encouraging. All of this helps to grow my passion and to endure through the challenges and failures.

How Do You Feed Your Passion

I believe there are 3 simple ways to feed your passion.

  • First, pray about your passion and purpose. Jesus spent countless early mornings in prayer to His Father, seeking what God would have Him do.
  • Second, find people that are passionate and purposeful about the same things as you are. Jesus did this by surrounding Himself with 12 disciples.
  • Lastly, do your passion. Take action toward your purpose and passion. Immerse yourself in growing that seed. Be okay with the failures that come and celebrate the big and small success you experience. The fruit you see. 

Now it’s your turn. What are you passionate about? As you think about that seed of passion in you, where do you think God is taking that passion in your life?

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