The iPhone Ellipsis of Death


I hate the iPhone ellipsis. You know what I’m talking about when your texting someone and they pause in the middle of their text and you see that silly ellipsis sitting there. Usually, it goes away quickly because they finish their text, but every once in a while, someone forgets to finish what they started to type.

Or they accidently start the text and you’re sitting there hanging, waiting for them to finish. Sometimes I think our lives are like this, we start something and forget or we accidently set something into motion and don’t even realize it.

Is There Something You Need To Finish?

On an iPhone message app it’s mostly funny, but when we do this in our lives from time to time it can be damaging. Unfortunately, there are many things that we haven’t finished in our lives, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Think about this for a moment. What did you start in your life recently that you haven’t finished? Do you have a plan for your next steps? Good intentions and great ideas are of little value if they are left hanging and unfinished. It is difficult to finish the things that we started a long time ago. But I think it’s worth it for you and those you are impacting.

“Good intentions and great ideas are of little value if they are left hanging and unfinished.”

Stop Waiting for Something to Happen

Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for something to happen and to do something with the good intentions and great ideas you have. As I think about this in my life, I can come up with a few areas where taking action has netted great results! The first that comes to mind is finally getting Kari’s (my wife) phone number after emailing her for an undisclosed number of weeks before asking. I’m a little embarrassed by how long it took me to finally ask for her phone number.

Other decisions that worked out well were to play sports in high school, friendship decisions, jobs I’ve had, or the decision to pursue college etc. I’m sure you have a list in your life as well. But what is out there right now in your life that you are leaving hanging? A business decision? A relationship? A hobby?

Maybe someone is waiting on you to take the next step because they can’t take it themselves or they are afraid to take it without you.

Don’t Leave Others Waiting

When something is set in motion and the people that need to take the next steps won’t we are left waiting and anticipating. And I hate being the one that is out there waiting. Hoping someone will take the next step, but they won’t.

It’s this feeling of impatience, frustration, and anxiety that is no fun. Have you ever been there? But the worst is when I’m the one that leaves people waiting! When we don’t take actions and others are waiting on us, this would be the ellipsis in our life and their’s too.
I can’t do too much –besides encourage action– when I’m left waiting for someone to take another step. But I sure can start filling in the blanks when people are waiting on me.

Fill in the Blanks

Sometimes this is a challenge. It’s a challenge to begin taking action, to fill in the blanks. I’ve discovered, though, when I stop waiting for something to happen and begin to take action, people join in. I think it is natural for people to want to make things happen, but for many, that first step is really difficult to take.

Whether it’s in a relationship, a work situation, family life, or our own health, as soon as we take action the anticipation and waiting goes away, it becomes exciting. What’s difficult is navigating the process. Figuring out a roadmap. This is where a LifeMap fills in the blanks, it limits people waiting on me, and helps me to finish what I’ve started.

Start With A LifeMap

The LifeMap helps you fill in the blanks, stop leaving others waiting, encourages you to finish what you’ve started, and puts a plan in motion to make it all happen.

Do you have anything hanging or are struggling to get started on something? I encourage you to start here. Read over this info, take our assessment. You’ll be amazed at how simple the LifeMap process is and the difference it can make in your life and in the live’s of those you impact too.


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