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Top 5 Apps for Building a LifeMap + Bonus App


Did you know the average iPhone user has 25 apps on their iPhone? And they only use about 3 of them. I have about 40 apps on my phone, but I only use 6 consistently.

Here are my top 5 apps and why, in order of usefulness in my life:

  1. Wunderlist – This app is great, I use it to make my life work. If I didn’t have Wunderlist I couldn’t do my own LifeMap. Key features: easy to use interface, looks good, repeat functionality, I can share tasks lists with my wife, I can use for both work and home, and it’s FREE.
  2. Notes – This basic app that comes with the iPhone is great. I only use it for journaling my prayers and thoughts for the day. Simple and clean, although Apple has added some new features as of late.
  3. Evernote – Similar to the native Notes app on iPhone Evernote serves as my digital bucket. Any article, idea, work note, home note, or anything worth referencing later goes here. Key features: easy to search (it ties into your google searches), multiple notebooks to organize my life, chrome extension for web clipping, and it’s FREE
  4. Duolingo – This app is a language learning app. Super easy to use and keeps me motivated to work on my Spanish with reminders and consecutive day rewards and daily goal setting. Key features: it only takes a few minutes a day, very simple user interface, I’m actually learning Spanish, and available on Mac, iPhone and iPad, plus it’s FREE.
  5. Google Docs – I use Google Docs for work and home. It’s very similar to Word but allows sharing, real-time editing, and collaboration. In fact, I am writing the LifeMap book using Google Docs and sharing the content to have people edit my work.
  6. ESPN – It’s sports scores, highlights, and videos what more can I ask for. And, you guessed it, it’s FREE!

How does this relate to building a LifeMap?

Each of these apps, with the exception of ESPN, are key pieces to creating a LifeMap for me and my family. I use Wunderlist to tackle the goals and to-dos, I use notes to keep track of my heart and spiritual progress, Evernote is my catchall so I don’t forget anything, Duolingo is helping me to learn Spanish (LifeMap educational goal), and Google Docs is where Kari and I collaborate on our LifeMap when we answer the 3 key questions.

No apps are perfect for building a LifeMap and you may find a great combo for you, but these 5 apps have worked great for me.

What apps do you use daily? What do you use them for?

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