It’s a lot more challenging to make a video with a 2 and 4-year-old than one might think! But we did it and had a lot of fun in the process. I sent my girls, Annaliese (older sister) and Haleigh (soon to be middle sister!), off to our “library” of children’s book. They were supposed to collect 10 of their favorites, but I think the Haleigh did the counting so they only made it to eight.

This was a great way for me to include my girls in what I do. Whenever I include them, they really enjoy being a part of the process. I look forward to including them and having them help me in the process of writing blog posts and sharing my thoughts on theĀ LifeMap process. There are many lessons our children have to teach us and I look forward to learning from them. Enjoy our top 8 list!

Check out the video for their Top 8 Children’s Books

If you didn’t catch the titles here they are:

  • The New Baby
  • Ten Little Lady Bugs
  • My Polar Paws (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)
  • Because Your Daddy Loves You
  • Haleigh’s Magical Snowman (Customizable book)
  • Jesus Makes All Things New (From Easter at our Church)
  • Llama Llama I Love You
  • Mother Goose

In another post, I will list my own top 8 or 10 Children’s Books. What are your kids’ top 8 or 10 books?