Self-Improvement and Education

The Moment My Perspective On Education Forever Changed

I may not remember too much about momentum from my physics class in college, but I can remember the momentum shift in my perspective on education.

I was sitting in a physics class my junior year of college with zero desire to be there, but a willingness to study and to do well. Unfortunately for me, math and physics are not my strongest subjects and this became painfully obvious when the pressure was high for the first two exams I took. After getting an ‘A’ on all my homework and quizzes, my confidence ran high for the upcoming tests. 

When the class got their tests back I knew I hadn’t performed as well as I thought I could, but when I saw the ‘F’ in red, of course, my heart just about fell to the floor. This was the first test I failed in college and unfortunately, only the first of two in that course! Together the midterms were half of the grade for the course, while the final exam and homework made up the other half.

Not giving up, I spoke with my professor before the final exam and requested a heavier weight on the final exam than the other tests, based on my “A” homework and quizzes, eventually, I took the final exam and ended up getting a ‘C’ in the class.

A Defining Experience

This experience helped to define my attitude about education. I realized through my physics class, 1) physics does not fit me and, 2) education is more than sitting at a desk and listening to a professor. Education and learning are found in the walls of a building and outside the walls of a building, in your home and at your workplace, through a conversation and through silence, we never cease to learn – if we pay attention.

Education is a much broader subject than what you find in a classroom setting. If I were to interpret what John Dewey is saying here, I would say “education is life” because we are always learning about ourselves, learning about others, learning about our world, learning about our God. Our education is ongoing. 

Where do you need to start growing and learning? Is there a book you could read, a seminar to attend, or a class to join?

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