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Grateful for a Year of Learning


This year has been one of learning and growing for me and there are many people who deserve credit for that, first I am grateful for God and all the lessons he has taught me this year. Also my family and to my new friends and coworkers, I am grateful for the amazing lessons of 2015. Here are the top 5 things God has taught me this year through these faithful people in my life.

I Can Trust God to Provide

After four months of searching for work, God provided me with a great job that fits my talents, and I am surrounded by other talented people. These people push me and challenge me to be better because they are so talented themselves.

People are Talented

After working for my church since May of this year, I have experienced many things in a workplace that I never have before. The people I work with are extremely intelligent, have unbelievable integrity, and work very hard to perfect their specific craft. I have discovered people have many hidden talents and abilities and that these talents should not stay dormant, but should be used in ways that honor God. And I too have talents that were tucked away, but found in 2015.

God Uses Physical Pain

This year I have prayed more and sought God more for my own physical pain and limitations than ever before. The amazing thing is God has healed me through this both physically and mentally. My physical abilities do not define me or my potential. I also discovered I am more intelligent and capable than I ever knew.

Anger is a Dangerous Emotion

Anger is a dangerous emotion when not used properly or put into proper perspective. I am quick to get angry but am learning this is my bodies early warning system and there are many lessons gleaned from these warnings. God has shown me there is more behind me quickly being frustrated than I realize and I hope to learn more and be shaped in 2016.

I am Madly in Love

I am madly in love with my wife, Kari. She is amazing. She puts up with so much from me, supported me through this up and down year, and has only driven me to love her more.  I am completely and utterly wrapped around the fingers of my daughters Annaliese and Haleigh. They drive me crazy at times, but I would do anything for them.

“Would you be willing to die for your wife, to step in and take her place?”

I heard a powerful question this week about your willingness to sacrifice and show love. The question: Would you be willing to die for your wife, to step in and take her place? It took me half a second to answer that question, without hesitation, I know the answer is, yes. I would do it for my children too. This lesson comes directly from Jesus because He did this for me. After 6 years of marriage and having two children, I think I have a glimpse of the depth of His love and of His willingness to die for me. I am forever grateful for what he did and all the lessons I have learned through him this year.

What are the lessons did you learn this year? If you want to know more about how Jesus was willing to die for you and me, comment below or email at kyle@thislifemap.com.

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