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My daughter has this black crib that I recently converted into a toddler bed by removing a few bolts and adding a railing. A pretty simple job, but the instructions tell you to use an Allen wrench that comes with the crib. Making  the job a little more tedious than it needs to be.

Because I love to be efficient and think it is silly to use a lesser tool when you have a greater tool available to you, I grabbed my drill. To manually turn these bolts would have taken me at least twice as long than with the drill. Zapier is like a drill for your electronic productivity.

Zapier Makes Me More Efficient

With so many time sucking and wasting tasks that our jobs (my job) makes you do, Zapier eliminates and automates many tasks for you. All you need is a free (or premium) Zapier account and a compatible application (there are over 500).

Any of the tasks that Zapier automates can be done manually, but like my drill and the crib, why not use a more efficient tool. The free account gives you 5 Zaps (or automations) to use before you have to pay. I’m using all 5 and they work great. I use the Zaps to connect my gmail, Wunderlist, and google drive applications.

My Zaps

It is a simple “if this, then that” program, so I tell it: If my gmail account receives an email that is labeled with “Paperwork” and has an attachment then send the attachment to google drive, and send me a task in Wunderlist to remind me to file the attachment.

Another Zap I use: If I star an email in my personal or work email then send that email to Wunderlist and create a task to remind me.

In both cases, I can specifically tell Zapier what to label the attachment and the task to create a clean workflow. You can do this with several other cloud storage apps, to do lists, and email applications. I find these Zaps to be very helpful and there are 1000s of ways you can automate using the “if this, then that” logic.

You can check it out and give it a shot. Here are a few other apps Zapier connects with:

It is a very intuitive interface and as long as you have your sign-in information for your applications, you will be up and running in no time. Try it out you may be impressed at how much time it saves you.

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